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At SST, we believe that effective coaching is athlete-directed and athlete-centered. Working as a team, with a collective approach based on clear expectations and goals, each athlete is given the opportunities, encouragement and tools to succeed. We offer a strong fundamentals-based curriculum derived from US Ski and Snowboard's education department, emphasizing positive, progressive and productive feedback. Each day our athletes will be expected to show commitment to improvement and asked to perform to the best of their abilities. 

While we recognize that youth today are multi-faceted and multi-talented, during the winter season skiing is our primary sport. 


SST provides support for athlete management: opportunities for physical fitness training, a balanced ratio of training to racing and lessons in sports psychology to optimize performance. 


SST offered summer and fall training camp guidance

Help navigating the many many options of availale camps.


SST encourages participation as individuals and as a team in community service initiatives as identified by the team goals and objectives to support the Town of Skykomish.


SST is a mid-week enhancement program offering evening sessions at Snoqualmie Pass. On hill training consists of alpine gate training. Gate training sessions include technical and tactical instruction and timed runs.


SST incorporates ski cross (SX) into its program. SX helps racers confront the limits of their comfort and skill in a controlled environment. SX prepares them for future competition in SX or speed events.  They are introduced to speed elements in SX courses. SST travels to a Western Series SX race in BC annually. 


SST caps its enrollment to ensure that each individual receives the personalized attention they need to succeed. The team is often referred to as a 'family', looking out for the growth and development of all athletes.

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